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    Originally Posted by MSGKnickz33
    Interesting comparison.

    Chandler gets $1,173,480 per year for the next 2 years

    Deng gets $9,385,000 per year for the next 6 years

    Luol Deng
    PPG 13.1
    RPG 5.4
    APG 1.3
    SPG 1.1
    BPG 0.5
    FG% 0.395
    FT% 0.830
    3P% 0.286
    MPG 32.3

    Wilson Chandler
    PPG 14.9
    RPG 5.9
    APG 1.8
    SPG 1.2
    BPG 0.9
    FG% 0.453
    FT% 0.758
    3P% 0.333
    MPG 30.9

    Look whos shooting better, scoring more, rebounding more, averaging more steals, blocks, and less minutes.

    I think the situation can make a difference at times but i dont consider chandler to be in that much if at all a better situation then deng. What i mean by that is dengs got a great rookie point guard, derrick rose playing along side him. Ben Gordens a very good shooter who spreads the floor and opens things up. Chicago doesnt have the best front court, but at least they have a front court. Deng fell the **** off....he was real nice a couple years ago. Is he just off or doesnt care after gettin that nice contract?

    chandler >> Luol deng

    Great Topic & great comparison.
    Deng vs Chandler = Deng

    Only thing is Luol Deng has always been an explosive player come the Midseason.
    Last year was the only year that Deng & Gordon did not explode in Midseason and it was their final contract year.
    Deng have to give respect to Gooden's talent in the paint an around the basket b/c the Chicago Bulls does have a decent 5-Bigman frontcourt rotation (our Knicks does not).

    Our Wilson Chandler is in his second season and has become a great 3rd option on offense. We must give him some slack for playing out of his natural position SF, and not having a center in the rotation.
    It would've been great for him to average 28 mpg this season with PF-Zach Randolph and PF-David Lee in a 8-Man rotation throughout this season.
    The topic will come-up this season on when Chandler will hit the rookie Wall, being he was benched throughout 3/4 of his rookie season.

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    Chandler reminds me more of a younger Richard Jefferson. The comparisons to Deng are fair, but I see more of a corolation to RJ. That said, I think he can and will be that type of player.

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    Default Chandler

    Note that we got Chandler with Chicago's pick. They got our pick and we got theirs as the result of the disastrous Curry trade. Chicago picked Noah at number 9.

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    Originally Posted by Oldtimer
    Note that we got Chandler with Chicago's pick. They got our pick and we got theirs as the result of the disastrous Curry trade. Chicago picked Noah at number 9.

    i wonder whos won that one lol?

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    Deng got his contract on potential.
    Guess it's hard to develop when half of the team is bitching about minutes and money. Even Rose is playing shoot-first right now, because most of those guys just dont pass back and dribble till insanity.

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    Its Tuff to compare.....Mikey D's system bloats numbers alil...

    just ask Nash, Amare, Barbosa, and Diaw this year....

    I personally think Deng = Chandler and Deng with edge based on

    1. Creates own shot
    2. Experience
    3. Better Passer...

    Chandler fits this system ., and Deng is stuck playing a big man's role in a front Court that is lame...

    Deng is slower than I thought though...

    Chandler has more potential .....hopefully its WC

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    This is a good thread here. I like both Chandler and Deng as players and I think that we haven't seen the best of either of these players yet because they are both young. Its a good comparison but I like what we have in Chandler and would stick with that. Chandler, Robinson and Lee are the only Knicks right now that I'd have reservations on trading. The Bulls have some great young talent no doubt...
      One outta three ain't bad.

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    Originally Posted by abcd
    I think Wilson Chandler's currently the second best player on the Knicks, after Al Harrington. I'm not sure if he's better than Deng, but he gets my vote.
    I got both Nate and D.Lee better than Harrington currently. I think Al Harrington takes some bad shots even for Dantoni's system. I think once he learns how to play within the system and learns his teamates he could be possibly the best all around player we have.
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    Great topic and comparison.

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    I'm going with Deng.. Chandler has in no way proved himself yet. He has been impressive and very good. But start looking at the stats again, how many games have we played??? Head-to-head I'd go Deng this year... Next year, I'm sure it would be Chandler, but it will be very hard for Wilson if LeBron comes to NY
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