Hoopshype says the meeting today between Marbury, Walsh, and Players Union attorney last 35 minutes with no results. So, we'll have to be patient.

Also, remember the Ron Artest situation in Indiana? Walsh had Ron Artest sitting at home for almost half a season, though the fans were pissed far more than now (Artest messed up a contender after all). And he got a nice trade out of that mess - Peja Stojakovic, later Al Harongton.

So if I have to guess, Id say Marbury will get buyout at the end of February, or a trade just before deadline. As for a trade, what do u think of this:
Marbury, Robinson to Sacramento
Brad Miller, Kenny Thomas to Knicks.

Sacramento saves almost 20 mil in cash. Clears frontline minutes for rebuilding with Hawes and Thompson. Gets Nate.
Knicks get nice passing center in Miller. Still have same cap space for 2010 (actually even more, since Nate wont be resigned). Get some value from Marbury. Brad-Lee frontcourt would give us some good times in these 2 years.
And Sacto might even play Marbury, they have ugly situation at pg.. Looks like a good deal for both teams, since Sacto isnt getting to playoffs anyway.

OFF TOPIC: Don't u think the dude is the biggest marketing genious in the NBA right now? I mean, it's one thing when great players like Dwight Howard or Shaq put on media shows during All Star, and get nicer shoe deals. Marbury hasnt shown anything good for years, but looks like he could still get a few millions from Miami or some other place just because media cant forget him. That's some marketing lol