Steph is getting exactly what he deserves. Also Walsh and D'antoni have handled this guy very well. If D'Antoni had played Marbury during the season he would have lost the team like Isiah did last year. He played in the pre-season as a showcase to other teams. His large contract and team wreaker reputation made him impossible to move. And one more important thing, teams are bad because Marbury is on the team. It has nothing to do with who he plays with. He couldn't play with Garnett. The Nets and Phoenix both significantly improved after they dumped his ego and hopefully so will the Knicks. Face facts everyone, he is a very bad guy and an awful teammate. If he had a brain, he'd have an agent who could have advised him on how to get a buyout and move on. Instead he acts like a cheap baby. He's finished. Walsh should do what he wants to this jerk.