If you think about the whole picture here, Donnie and D'Antoni were actually quite brilliant with this. They both wanted Mebury gone before the season started but Dolan woudn't accept a buyout. Mike D knew most of the team hated him and wanted him gone, so the best thing to do was to bench him. Donnie and Mike D knew that it would be only a matter of time before Mebury would be an idiot and let his emotions get the best of him and give them grounds for insubordination. Now he's away from the team and the Knicks haven't had to buy him out. Brilliant!

Side note...Apparently Mebury only lasted 15 minutes before he threw another temper tantrum during the buyout negotiations. He stormed out of the talks and waited and pouted in his Rolls Royce while he waited for his lawyer. SMH. What an idiot. He is so out of touch with reality it's scary.

Marbury - who is in the final year of his contract and already has received two paychecks totaling $3.6 million of the $21.9 million due him - has said he plans to get himself into top shape with the anticipation that offers will come in from other NBA teams. But don't expect a bidding war (he'll likely earn a prorated veteran's minimum salary of $1.2 million), nor any clamoring for his services.

Especially after the latest episode and his comments ripping yet another coach. For those scoring at home, D'Antoni is the fourth straight Knicks coach with whom Marbury has had an issue in five seasons. In general manager circles, Marbury has been referred to as "the Mike Tyson of the NBA."

"I do not think a lot of teams will have an interest, but I think there would be at least a couple of teams," one Eastern Conference team executive said. He added, "It will be fun to follow from the sidelines."

A Western Conference GM said a team might take a chance on Marbury, "especially if they have had an injury and feel like he can help them getting to the playoffs." He added, "I would be surprised if he gets more than a minimum [contract], though."

A GM of another Western Conference team was asked what kind of interest Marbury might attract around the league. "I can only speak for us," he said. "Highly unlikely."
Haha! The "Mike Tyson" of the NBA. Too funny.