2:49pm Knicks training site, conf room

Walsh: Where the hell is this guy? he's 20 minutes late.

Dolan (on phone): Look Donnie, hold you ground and start the buyout at 15mil. If he doesn't bite, I'll write this ******* a check on Jan 1 when the new fiscal starts.

Walsh: Geez, first day of the year and your already going to be 20mil in the red. I'm telling you Jimmy, I can trade him. You saw what i did with Artest right?

Dolan: Listen, I gotta gig tonight at my lounge in CT. Theres more important things on my mind. You gona come to see me play?

Walsh: I would, you know, but I gotta prior engagment.

Donnie: What?

Walsh: I gotta watch Real Chance of Love.

Enter Marbury and Hal Biagas.....