Stephon Marbury had a standing offer to the Knicks that he was willing to give up $1 million of what is remaining on his contract.

However, Marbury changed his stance after Donnie Walsh wanted him to take roughly $3 million less.

When asked about the $1 million offer, Marbury told The Post last night: "It's off the table."

Hal Biagas has reached out to a number of teams already to gauge interest in Marbury. Miami, Dallas and San Antonio all have expressed interest, The Post has learned.
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Well so much for the ignorantes believing no team in the NBA wanted Starbury.
Funny how there were so many debeates about this, and that was one of their CORE points they held on to, now its been proven, by this and many other articles.

Spursfag must be spinning in his small dark room he patrols 24/7,


Best place for Marbury is San Antonio.

Half court team.
He's as good or better than Parker(career wise, ability, skill, experience, passing, pick and roll, chance to play with a player like Duncan).
Spurs are weak in guard depth...this could be their chance to stay elite.
Plus Parker is frail and soon to be injury prone. A thin frail man who lives in the paint(close range shots) will absorb a lot of contact and physical play in his career. Parker isn't built for that realstically speaking. Spurs need a DURABLE, STRONG, and NEW YORK CITY SWAGGER PG...on the serious note.


For the win.