I think it may be better to start Baker over Naz. he has much better post moves and has a much better mid range shot. Naz's only offensive game is getting offensive rebounds and tip ins which is good but we need an all around center like Baker to start. I Knicks have one of the deepest frontcourts in the league so Lenny has a lot of options. Does anyone know when Mutombo is coming back because we had only one blocked as a team last game next to Chicagos 13 blocks. Mutombo may not be as versatile as he was but he can still alter shots.

I think we should get rid of mooch and frank and get a veteran point for next year gaurd such as rod strictland maybe have marc jackson come back. These guys now how to play the game and don't worry about their minutes like mooch and frank. Frank is a great player though and I hope he becomes a starting point gaurd somewhere in the NBA because he deserves it.