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Back to Back games using only a 7-man rotation.
This is called Suicide-Drills for real. Dantoni is crazy!
Duhon is ready to drop, Lee being the only Bigman is ready to drop with Duhon.
That's to much F...ing running for just 7 guys night after night.

The Nets have a no strategy coach Frank.... whom dont have a clue how to use all the young bigmen on his roster....Harrington is eating the Nets Bigmen up alive. I thought Chicago Del Negro coached bad last night but coach Frank should've been the first coach Fired this season. If this game goes all the way down the stretch like the Bulls game last night we should know the outcome....the 7 Knick players are TIRED...
It had nothing to do with a 7 man rotation or being tired. He did a backflip over Vince Carter and landed on his back. I agree about coach Frank though.