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(Starter) Santana > (Set-Up) JJ Putz > (Closer) K-Rod = Game Over
That is once in every 5 games. Other than Johan no other starter guarantees that JJ and K-Rod would factor in. The Mets starting rotation is dubious to say the least. If i was a Met fan i would be a little more enthusiastic if instead of Putz they would have traded for a starter.

Two things the Mets need to do here to consider themselves set.
  1. Sign Lowe to a 3-4 year deal
  2. Sign Ben Sheets to a 2 year deal with an option
Lowe is a must at this point. I wound's trust Pelfrey and Maine all that much. Or better put i wouldn't rely on them to carry the team. They are young and need all the help they can get. Sheets is injury prone that is why a long term shouldn't even be considered for him. Although if he stays healthy he is lights out.