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    Default cheeks out in philly...

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    "The slumping [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] on Saturday became the fifth NBA team to make a coaching change before Christmas this season, deciding they had to fire Maurice Cheeks despite extending his contract twice in the past year."

    Seems as if any team in the NBA starts loosing their coach could go next...

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    I agree with this move. Cheeks had no idea how to use Brand in their lineup. People were saying this team would make the eastern conference finals because of this move, and it didn't look like they were going to make the playoffs. I think they should hire Avery Johnson, very good coach. He should be able to get them to run even with Brand, but also play defense.

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    5 games under .500 with a team that consists of Brand, Willams, Young, Dalembert and AI?....he deserved to get fired **** i could do better with that team...

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    Would've waited at least till there was no question I was out of the playoff picture before forcing my team to get used to a new coach and system...

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    stupid...if they would have left him with last years team he had he would have been over 500 but i just dont know how he could not have made it better with brand i guess hes just not use to having someone he can dump it down low to i mean i saw these guys last year and this dude was a great coach and i saw them making it second round maybe eastern conference finals this year...idk i would have gaven him more time cause sixers have a habit of getting hot in the end of the season and getting hot enough JUST to get them into the playoffs and a hot team will always beat any team...look at the giants last year when they won the superbowl

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    Anything Philadelphia should be struggling. Eagles, 76ers, Phillies, etc all can struggle and NY fans should agree.

    Elton brand was doing bad which hurt the Phillies and Cheeks had a good run last year with the 76ers. The 76ers should be a top team because they have good passers, shot blockers, scorers, athleticism they really have no weaknesses.
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