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    Default harrington named player of the week

    finally the knicks get some recognizition.

    will he stay consistant

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    Great numbers ( against crap teams )

    He really seems to be enjoying himself to and has obviously been well received by the team. Awesome numbers. If he keeps them up, he'll be an all star.

    Can we vote for him on If we can, I am!

    I wonder what he'll ask for come contract time if he performs throughout the rest of the season at around 25ppg or higher and 6-8rpg?

    They are massive numbers and exceed that of some very highly paid players.

    I'm very interested to see how he goes at Phoenix against Hill and the likes.
    Those rebounds on offense won't come so easily for him like they did in Sacramento. ( David Lee as well )

    Nice one Al.

    Go Knicks!!!!

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    So D'antoni was right. This team will fight for a play off berth even though all the trades and the BS surrounding the S. Marbury situation.

    And Harrington performing the way he is does prove that. The team is
    buying into the mantra TEAM FIRST. That is why Duhon and Al are performing because the team around them is hustling day in and day out.
    True New Yorkers wear ORANGE and BLUE

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