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Don't like this deal at all. Diaw has a longer contract than Curry plus it is guaranteed whereas Curry has the abiltity to opt out this year or even next. I love Diaw's versatility, but, he cant shoot from the floor nor the FT line so taking on a more lucrative contract that amounts to a better version of Jared Jefferies makes little sense to me.

I know we want to get as many players who can play in Dantoni's system, but this isnt a good deal for us. Not to mention we are now giving up our best rebounder and most reliable player in David Lee.

Final Verdict: I like both Bell and Diaw and they ofcourse would do well for us, but, this would affect our cap negatively as well as giving up a valuable chip like Lee. Plus Donnie Walsh pretty much said he wouldnt make deals like this when he first goe here when there was a rumor we were going to trade Steph for Barbosa and Diaw.
I wasnt aware of his ability to opt out of his contract. You think if even when he gets healthy if D'antoni sticks it to him like he is Steph he would just leave town willingly. If thats the case we could use Lee to trade for something more valuable than justifying some team to take Curry from our hands.

I dont like this particular move because we want to free up significant space for 2010, not just a mere 2 mil. I would take a move for just Bell because he is older and his contract ends before 2010. He is the guard we need right now and we already know he fits into the system. If he plays well for us, resign him for cheapre seeing that he is older, if not let him go.