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I'm up for this. Hell lets sign Nash and Amare, and he have 40% of the past Suns team.

I don't think Brown has any interest in Curry and would prefer not to move Bell
You don't want Amare. Diaw is way more talented and versatile in the post. Diaw can play Center in the D'Antoni system and has some basketball IQ and some great footwork, and has a clue how to play D. Amare never was on the same page as most of the team because Raja and Diaw came the year Amare had microfracture. He makes bonehead plays, has no fundamental post defense or footwork in any way, and just goes for the excitement and STATs. He shoots a great percentage, and is extremely explosive, but you have to accept Amare for what he is. If you want Nash, Amare isn't going to help lure anyone anywhere. Not that you can have him....