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smh @ whoever snitched and told knicks4life that i jacked their thread

What a difference a real coach makes. We look like a team, we are a team. Were competitive everynight even as an undersized team with no low post defensive presence, and only 7 players. Im not the biggest fan of D'antoni as a person, I think hes a jerk and alotta that is from things i heard he did in phoenix too. But i give him his props, hes an offensive mastermind. He has a great ability to get the most out of players.

Who saw Wilson chandler block kobe in the 1st half? He must have felt good after blockin last years mvp. Now he can say hes rejected last years defensive player of the year and mvp. Hes gotta get a block on garnett during the season for it to really count though. He'll have his chance on sunday.
thats ****ed up....what happened they banned u or something?