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    Originally Posted by richtree
    I think you are all wrong here....

    Bosh has better range than Amare but Amare is just a good of shooter from 16 and in....

    Amare is more versatile because he can play with his back to basket in late situations.,
    and can guard both 4's and 5's ....

    Bosh is softer...say we were in the finals and playing Duncan or Gasol...Id rather have Amare out there playing Def and making them work on the offensive end...

    His injury is not an issue after coming back fine for 2 seasons...

    Bosh is not a winner and continues to lose and he puts up number because he plays lots of minutes, especially in games where they are losing...

    Lost to the "sonics" last night....

    and I also think of it this way....if you added Bosh to Knicks today we would be better but still of soft team that may not make the playoffs..

    you added Amare today., we are 100% in the playoffs and no one would want to play us....

    AMARE is option 1 in 2010

    Bosh is not worth his contract

    All of you guys preaching Marbury is not a winner and want him out....

    then you can't be hypocritical and want this loser bosh....

    peace to the real ballers that know and don't regurgitate ESPN's views on things

    sir you're the one who is wrong. amare has no back to the basket game to speak of.
    and you know why they brought shaq in bc hes a bitch and was crying about having to gaurd 5's and now he still can even gaurd the 4's

    bosh is playing with anthony parker
    amare is playing with shaq, nash, jason rich, grant hill and yet they continue to lose

    and did you not here the reports he is crying about his role in phx now but you think he will play second fiddle to lebron? i dont think so.

    there is litteraly nothing amare does better than bosh except hes better at being a little cry baby bitch.
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    metro....I usually agree with you ......

    Wade is better than Roy

    Dannio will never be an allstar

    Chandler is not a top player.....

    Amare is better than Bosh....

    I'm heading into the city tonight ...I 'll be back to make my point later once Im back in jersey

    can't believe you guys.....

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    this thread is stupid, bosh is better than amare, and wade is better than roy. i love amare nd roy (saw the phoenix game on tnt) but bosh and wade r def better than both of them

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