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Ok now I like Chris Duhon as much as the next Knick fan but this cat said that he would take him over any PG in the 2010 FA class, namely Steve Nash. Now, maybe Duhon beats out an aging Steve Nash, but he neglected to mention players like TJ Ford who I would take over Duhon on his best day! And again I like Duhon.

Now he has Wilson penciled in as our SG. A major suspect move when you consider that Mike Dantoni sees Wilson as a SF PF tweener, our starting SG is a major stretch

Then he sees Al Harrington as our starting SF. Again this is Dantoni we are talking about, in Dantoni's system Harrington is almost a liability at the SF postion. Not to say that Al Harrington cant play the 3, but just not a solid fit in Mike's system at the 3. Not to mention how much is Al going to want to re-sign for?

Now PF he has Amare....hard to argue that, I mean if Phoenix is not playing well and Amare isnt happy about his role then this move makes sense. But, w/ Dirlk being avaliable that year there is no way Amare is our only option. Dantoni turned Al Harrinton into an All Star calliber player again imagine what Dirk would look like!

Which brings me to who this guy has as our starting Center. The player he feels will fill the void left by Patrick Ewing(whoa!)....Chris Bosh. Now the idea of having both Bosh and Amare on the same frontcourt would be sick. Bosh can step out and hit the 3 making him an ideal fit for Dantoni. But could he really be our Starting Center? Plus Amare and Bosh on the same frontcourt sounds good on paper (so did Curry and Randolph to some) but could it work without one of them becoming primarily a jump shooter? I personally think that we go after Camby that year, who will be much cheaper than Bosh. Imagine Amare and Camby on the same frontcourt....Oh wait we couldve had that but Layden and Cheany had no eye for talent and didnt draft Amare, and on the same night traded Camby away! Ok sorry I'm still bitter about that one!

Final Verdict: This dude doesnt know enough about our team to even be a poster on this site, let alone writting articles on our team. The lineup he composed wins 45-49 wins, and is a middle of the pack sort of squad (think The Nuggets or Rockets the past few seasons).

Sorry I had to pick on this guy, but, I've laid off of taking shots at fellows posters because I think its corny (unless you strike first ofcourse) so I have to release on someone!