Great Thread ABCD and I may need that song to bring me back if we lose this one!

Good question about Al, it would appear when we he is hot we are blowing teams out, if not.....well then a team like Minny could play us tough. With that said I think Al has a pretty good game something like 7-16 shooting 3-8 from 3 and 4 of 4 from the FT line and we take this one by 12 or so.

This is not a "must win" in the sense that our season will be lost if we dont win, but, if we're going to catch .500 it has to start with the next three games. Minny is a game we should get; giving that we did knock off Utah,Detroit and played the Lakers solid it is realistic that we knock off Denver and we should also beat Charlotte. That would bring us back to 14 and 16 and right there at the 9th in the East.

The good thing is other than The Bucks, The Knicks have done good in beating teams in games they should win, lets hope that holds up against Minny!