The Knicks have many problems that can easily be fixed but aren't and it is very frustrating. So this is for any knicks fan who is very mad about the knicks and wants to express their anger here are mine.

The Knicks have so many injuries!
Penny (groin)
Marbury (back)

We pay our players WAY TOO MUCH

I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but Marbury and Kt's pick and roll game was so effective and that has almost dissapeard. That play created so many oppurtunities for them

Knicks have not shown heart all year

The people who get paid a lot don't perform half as much as their worth (yes im talking to you Shandon Anderson)

No chemistry at all

Not the best choice for coach

Im done, I am truly a knicks fan I am just so discusted with their play even when they win, they aren't playing well.