Welcome to the New York Knicks Pregame Show. Im your host GoKnicksDLEE42. Today we will be talking the upcoming game, the denver nuggets recent blockbuster deal, and the road ahead for both teams.
First lets get to the starting lineups..

**Anthony has missed the last few games with an elbow injury.
DEN: The Nuggets sport a strong bench which includes Forwards Renaldo Balkman, and Linas Kleiza, Guards JR Smith and Anthony Carter.
NYK: The Knicks have been playing decent basketball lately but have lacked in key areas like rebounding and defense. Theyre scoring well, averaging over 100 points per game, and 4th year combo guard Nate Robinson has come off the bench this year to average about 17 points a game. 2nd year guard-forward Wilson Chandler has also stepped up - now in a starting role - to show off his jumper and to lead the team in blocked shots.
But first and Foremost, I'd like to take a moment to pay tribute to the return of a fan favorite to the garden.

Taz brought an unreal amount of energy to this team in his NY days. Hes an above the rim player who could play on intensity alone. He sure made the knicks fun to watch even when his team was pathetic. I'd like to speak for all knicks fans when I say We miss you, and good luck wherever your future takes you Renaldo.

If you were smart enough not to watch Friday's horrible performance, here's what you missed:

Now, back to the game.
This is a game the Knicks will definitely not be able to fall behind quickly because, much like the Boston game recently, they will not let you back in. I do believe the knicks will be in this game for a while (they have shown to play up or down to the level of their opponents) but its gonna be tough to beat the Nuggets. They acquired one of the best point guards in the game today in Chauncey Billups, admitting the Allen Iverson-Carmelo Anthony expirement did not work as they thought it would.

A perfect transition to our next segment..

Chris Duhon has been a pleasent surprise this season for the Knicks. He's averaging 12 points and almost 9 assists per game. he's had many highlights this year, including falling one rebound short of a triple-double 12/9 against Chicago, his former team, and Setting the Knicks single-game record for assists with 22 - a record untouched for decades.
Against Denver, he's going to have to go up against one of the best in Chauncey Billups. They both have similar styles of basketball, both being pass-first guards. Duhon is gonna have to prove himself as one of the top pg's this season if he wants to lead his team to victory vs. the Nuggets.

The reason I chose these 2 players for tonights matchup is becasue they, like duhon and billups, are similar basketabll players. Both have similar build and both can play many positions. Anthony is a proven winner dating back to his ncaa championship syracuse days. Wilson Chandler will need to be on the top of his game tonight. Anothony can hit the outside shot consistantly. Chandler has shown range but is a very streaky player. He's also had trouble guarding smaller players.

The Nuggets should come out on top in this game. But, the knicks should be hungry coming off a pathetic loos to the 5-win t-wolves. Prediction: DEN: 119 NYK:108

Thanks for joining me in the Knicks Pregame Show. Please tune into MSG at 12:00 noon Sunday to watch the game.
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