New York Knicks (11-18)

Charlotte Bobcats (11-20)

I'll be your host today, Jpz17 along with Prince as my co-host

And now, please welcome your New York Knickssssssss

The Knicks will be taking on the new Charlotte Bobcats this evening for a tough game in North Carolina.

The Bobcats traded away Jason Richardson who usually hurts the Knicks. They got in return, Raja Bell and Boris Diaw.

welcome to tonights game im your co-host DaTPRiNCE, were coming off 6 straight losses and not facing a doormat team tonight in the Bobcats who have shown they could compete with the better teams in the L and manage to steal a couple, they played us well the first time we faced them and they nearly came away with the win were struggling coming in but we gotta put that to the side tonight, because they are a much better team than the one we faced thanks to a trade with the suns that gave them Raja Bell and Boris Diaw, the added defense and shooting and a low post threat that could score at will, we just gotta work that much harder

The [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]' up-tempo style makes it hard for them to play tough defense. Even the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] have managed some scoring success against them.
Losers of a season-high six straight, the Knicks look to tighten up on defense when they continue their season series with the low-scoring Bobcats on Tuesday night.Coach Mike D'Antoni has New York (11-18) scoring at a high level, but getting back in transition has been a struggle. Knicks opponents are shooting 48.6 percent, highest in the league, while averaging 108.6 points per game.During New York's six-game skid, it has yielded 115.5 points a contest.The Knicks have held an opponent under 100 points just seven times this season, and the Bobcats (11-20) were one of them. New York beat Charlotte 101-98 on Nov. 5, forcing 19 turnovers, but it was actually Charlotte's 10th-highest scoring game of the season.The Bobcats have the league's worst offense, averaging 91.4 points.After yet another poor effort on defense, the Knicks will try to take advantage of this matchup and beat Charlotte for the fourth straight time.In an attempt to change things up, D'Antoni benched [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and gave [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] a start against Denver on Sunday, but New York lost 117-110.Harrington is averaging 20.0 points in 16 games since the Knicks acquired him in a trade with Golden State on Nov. 21, but Jeffries is a better defender. Harrington had 15 points and Jeffries finished with 10."We've got to play defense. There's no doubt about it. I know I joke around a lot about it, but the only way we're going to win is to get better at it," D'Antoni said. "I've always felt like we're going to score no matter what. I don't care who's on the floor, we're going to score. So now we've just got to find a way how to stop people."[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] had two steals off the bench for New York, and continues to flourish in D'Antoni's offense. The fourth-year guard is averaging 25.0 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.0 assists in his last six games.Robinson has topped 20 points in three of his last four games against Charlotte. He had 24 points and made all five of his attempts from beyond the arc in November's meeting with the Bobcats.[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] had 16 points, 15 rebounds and two blocks for Charlotte in that contest. He had 16 points and 10 rebounds versus New Jersey on Saturday night, but the Bobcats lost 114-103 in overtime.The veteran forward is averaging 20.5 points, 11.6 rebounds and 2.6 blocks in his last six games. He's also shooting 60.5 percent during that stretch, with Charlotte going 4-2.[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is also coming off a strong game for Charlotte, scoring 18 points before leaving with 3:20 remaining in the third quarter after he came up limping while battling for the ball under the Bobcats' basket.Team officials said he strained his left groin, and he's listed as questionable.Bell is averaging 8.9 points in eight games since joining Charlotte in a trade with Phoenix on Dec. 10. -espn
Prince's Prediction




Official JPZ17 Game Prediction:

Knicks 122 Bobcats 113

Heres Prince with the
Starting line-up

Duhon vs Felton- this is a pretty even matchup both duhon and felton control their teams with alot of efficiency, and both can knock down the shots if u give them the space, and both play decent defense and Felton being the faster of the two. This matchup will get better when both of them hit the bench when its Nate vs D.J both could control the tempo of the game...although the point gaurd positions aren't the key matchups but they'll be instrumental to the flow of the game


Q-Rich vs Raja Bell- Q-Rich has been very inconsistent for us during the first couple of months of the season, at times he's looked like he cant miss and other he looked like he couldn't buy a basket....Raja Bell is another guy who has been fairly consistent this year, he plays tough defense that frustrates the Kobe Bryant's of this league and could make it rain from downtown if he gets into Q-Rich's head which isn't hard to do( a la Celtics) and he gets space on his shots it could be a long night for Q-Rich


Chandler vs. Wallace- ok, ok Wilson Chandler has been struggling lately, and should be coming off the bench i would agree if Gallo was good to play but he's not and if Candler has his game on point theres no telling how good he could play( vs Memphis) and he has been starting to get back to playing the way he did in the early goings he needs to get established early so he could have a rhythm but the second-half, he's not a guy u go to once-in-a-while....Wallace has improved his shooting and free-throw percentages over the years and theres no question how much of a game changer he is on offense and defense, if he gets established early and often and gets the team and crowd on his back Chandler will have trouble vs Wallace, but Chandler will make him work for what he gets, no denying that...Chandler will have a good bounce-back game

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Al Harrington vs Boris Diaw-
Harrington is starting to find his rhythm again after having a couple of sub-par shooting games. But the thing i like most about his game is his ability to get to the line he realizes when he's having a bad game and starts to attack the rim, he gets contact and knocks down his free throws and even when he's shooting bad he finishes with 20+ points Diaw is a known poor defender and doesn't give effort so with that Harrington will get open looks and get to the basket easy, so look for Harrigton to come up big tonight...Diaw is very versatile and could score in a number of ways, he'll give Harrington a handful on D but Harrington tries to play D and is committed to it which will at least make Diaw work of what he gets

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David Lee vs Emeka Okafor-

this is tonights key match-up, Lee is a bit undersized at Center but tonight he'll play vs a Center that is around his size(6'10) Lee has shined since the departure of Z-Bo getting double-doubles in almost every game since, he plays with hustle and never gives up on the play, Okafor is a typical center plays the low post but is more of a defensive threat to Lee, he's a superior shot-blocker and that may make us into a shooting team(which would be bad). But he may take advantage of Lee's mediocre defense and attempt to establish himself early and often


Heres Prince's
Your 2008-2009 New York Knicks Dunk Contest Participant

Nate Robinson-
gives us an emotional lift everytime he enters the game and posses a dangerous J and his cat like quickness allows him to get to the basket at will, and he could finish in traffic with the best of them even with his size. His defense is underrated because of his height but he has proven time-and-again that size doesn't matter with him, one of the best 6th men in the L and still getting better, he'll give us major minutes, production, and energy once he comes in...simply a highlight waiting to happen



  • Get the boards
  • Don't tire out
  • Sub often
  • Let Duhon lead
  • Play like the real Knicks, the NEW YORK KNICKS

  1. Harrington has a comeback
  2. Knicks win
  3. 15 point lead blown by the Knicks
  4. Harrington dominates
  5. Okafor with 20 points 10 boards
JPZ17's Player Pressure
Which Knicks is under the most pressure to succeed????

The answer: David Lee

Lee hasn't got much attention lately and has slown down, lets get him the ball and make him earn a contract extension

we make it a fun game but they have the better execution down the stretch, we just aren't mentally set yet and our struggles continue (hope im wrong) Nate, and Harrington play well throughout but everyone else plays decent games....

Thanks for joining me and Prince
for knicksonline I'm JPZ17
Stay classy New York
Go New York Knicksssss!

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