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Heard a report tonight that Chandler shoots 47% for his two point shots and 29% from his three point shots. He just has to shoot from mid range to close most of the time and he will do good this year. When he throws up to many three's and doesnt play aggressive is when you won't see him do anything on the court.
yea i heard the same thing and i think he's starting t realize his strenghts and weaknesses

Strengths-inside game, short J's
Weaknesses-3 point shot

i'd like him to take them only about twice a game and thats when he's hot and wide open.....he don't need it to e effective look at dwade

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Quentin Richardson.

He's just terrible. Big mouth talking trash to the defending Champs and has no game to back it up. And his defense is so overrated. I've never seen a player go for so many pump fakes in my life.
ye he sucks, what else is new loll