Hey guys, Got this emailed to me, and sent to me on facebook, I thought I would pass it on to my fellow Knick fans!


$60.50 tickets for only $20.09

Fresh off the Knicks victory against the defending NBA Champion Boston Celtics at The Garden, the Knicks are excited to extend a New Year’s celebration offer to catch the Knicks in action this month. Mark your 2009 calendar for this Wednesday, January 7 at 10:00am and purchase tickets originally priced $60.50 for only $20.09 for all of the Knicks home games this month. Starting on Wednesday at 10:00am be sure to enter code 2009 in the box marked “Special Offers and Promotions” when purchasing tickets. This exclusive offer only runs for 20 hours and 9 minutes so be sure to buy your tickets fast as this deal ends on Thursday, January 8 at 6:09am.

Take advantage of this $20.09 offer for the following games:

- Wednesday, January 14 vs. Washington Wizards; 1:00pm

- Saturday, January 17 vs. Philadelphia 76ers; 7:30pm

- Monday, January 19 vs. Chicago Bulls; 1:00pm (MLK Jr. Day)

- Wednesday, January 21 vs. Phoenix Suns; 7:30pm

- Friday, January 23 vs. Memphis Grizzlies; 7:30pm

- Monday, January 26 vs. Houston Rockets; 7:30pm
Wednesday, January 28 vs. Atlanta Hawks; 7:30pm