Balkman put up 4 blocks and 3 blocks when he got consistent time in Denver. I remember Balkman being awesome defensively when he was a Knick (could also be cuz we are a garbage defensive team). Granted he has no offensive awareness....but a lockdown defender is much more valuable role player. Why??? Cuz you can sign that dude for like 2 or 3 mil for many years. He could have been what Jared Jeffries real market value is (tho i guess Jared Jeff is 6'11'')

Lee will never put up 4 blocks. I mean....let's be real are you only watching him on the offensive side of the ball. He is Udonis Haslam. A bigman that can't block. A nice role player. Haslam makes 6.8 and i would be very happy if Lee got that sort of money. If he makes 6.8mil, he is NOT overrated, we are getting him at market value.

If you pay him 10 it is a terrible signing in the vein of giving Allan Houston that 100 mil contract.