I cant believe we have people coming in here and trying to discredit Marburys name. Its really disappointing to see. As I began reading this thread, I was thinking to myself "wow, what a find by Akamu. I'd be suprised if anyone speaks of Marbury in a negative way after this." I have a hard time believing that all these people read the article. Anyone who did read the entire article and still has bad things to say about Marbury...all I can do is pray. Its just sad. This is a guy who has done great things off the court, and has dedicated himself to helping others. What more could you ask for in a person? I think its sad that someone can still call him selfish and point their finger at him after the great article that Akamu blessed us with. I just pray that Marbury gets the opportunity to play for a good team and show that hes not selfish.