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    Nyk Logo Fan Trade Proposal. Knicks Get Josh Howard.

    Look, if the Mavs are willing to give up Howard for Bargnani, as was reported on RealGM today, certainly the Knicks can beat that. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] posted some fan trade proposals that would land the Knicks Howard. Dallas probably wouldn't go for them, but its fun to speculate anyway. Here they are:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    What do you guys think of these deals?
    Dan L
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    howard is a talent, but we all ready have harrington.

    if all our guys where healthy our starting five wouldn't be half as bad.

    duhon(been pretty solid all season)
    chandler(i think he'd be better off at this position, even though his shot needs a little more improving)
    lee(I'd play lee at the three because of his strength and his rebounding ability over many players in the league who play this position)
    gallinari( considering the circumstances of this team, the lack of any real star power, and his abilities, leads me to believe he would be a top 5 rookie had he been healthy)
    curry(shrugs his e-shoulders)

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    lol they want to get Josh Howard AND make Dallas take Curry/Jeffries?
    hahaha that's some wishfull thinking right here

    now, Bargnani has been talked about negatively lots of times - soft, underachieving, inconsistent, etc, etc. But that's mostly because he was a no.1 pick over Roy, Aldridge, Rondo and Gay. Of course he's not a no.1 pick. But at the very least, he's a no.5-6 player from that draft class; he's not really a total bust like Kwame or Smith.
    I mean, he's 23 and from Europe. It takes time for some Euro guys to adapt to US and new rules. It sometimes makes them look soft, because they are called fouls for defending the way they are used to in Europe, and it makes them hesitant at defense.
    Bargnani probably won't be better than some guys who were picked below, but he is showing promise, he's 23, he is averaging something around 23 and 6 for the last 5 games.

    And i tell u, if we had a flashy 23 year old kid who's capable of averaging 23 and 6 over streches from time to time, most of us would be going crazy right now and calling him the next Larry Bird.
    He wasn't worth no.1 pick in that draft, but he is still worth a bit.
    Bargnani is deffinitely worth more than Curry+Jeffries+Lee lol

    Curry+Jeffries+Lee - in essence, that's taking Lee for one year and paying a 52 mil salary. That offer is ****. Bargnani is worth much more.
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    LEE needs to stay in NY man. and yeah giving Curry and Jeffries away in the same deal? thats never gonna happen. but it is fun to wish up some deals to get rid of the bad players on the knicks. haha.
    LEE'S A BEAST!!!

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