Kidd always has enjoyed playing at the Garden. Though the Knicks have planned for the summer of 2010, adding Kidd this summer would be a drawing piece for LeBron James.
Even if they trade Curry for an expiring contract - a big if - they would not be far enough under the cap. Unless they can work out a sign and trade, the best the Knicks could offer would be the full $6 million mid-level exception across five years, totaling, with raises, $35 million.
With teams gearing up for 2010, Kidd may not have a ton of suitors, other than Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.
It could make sense for the Knicks. Duhon is signed to a two-year contract and likely will be gone after next season. Duhon would be a perfect backup to Kidd, whose mid-level signing would not effect their cap room for James if Lee and Nate Robinson leave as free agents.
It makes sense for Kidd, too. He played for D'Antoni during the Olympics and his children still attend New Jersey schools because of his divorce to Joumana. A family source said T.J. would love Kidd to become a Knick and return to the area.
"Why not (consider the Knicks)," Kidd said. "I'm going to look and see."

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