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    Default Come on people

    Kidd is old as the Dinosaurs and Duhon is a young PG with great court vision. Let Duhon stay in there and average over 8 assists a game like he has been doing this year.

    We all know that without Duhon that we would be the worst team in the NBA right now. He is the only player that actually makes other players better on this team. he is in the top 10 or top 5 in assists in the league.

    Keep Duhon as our PG and resign him after his contract expires.

    Duhon just needs to shoot more and have some decent players around him and he will be a big time player.

    He also averages 39 minutes per game which is I think the 5th best in the league.

    Imagine having Duhon with a Lebron or Wade in the back court? That's alot of assist people. And Any star on this team would get easier shots with the help of Duhon.
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    why are you guys so infatuated with players who play no D. ESPECIALLY if we are going after bron.

    Nash gets abused on the defensive end. Granted he is a GREAT shooter has a 90% ft, and has elite vision Mike D' overrated his stats. I don't trust an old ass dude to even put up Dallas type production. He'll be 36 when he's a free agent.

    Kidd ALSO gets abused on D. He's is VERY SLow. He's too old... why the hell would we consider him.

    If this was 5 years ago i would be all for it however. Their positives no longer outweight their negatives

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    NO! Forget about it!

    He was a huge PG, but Kidd is definitively out of business.
    I prefer Duhon right now, of course. Even N8. Kidd can't be no solution for no team now. NJ does a great trade gettin' D.Harris for Kidd....

    Never, never, never...

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    Kidd may be slow, but he's still miles better than any pg we have
    Duhon and N8 are getting insanely overvalued here.
    Kidd is a core player of a winning team in the West. He's probably not better than D.Harris right now, and Dallas screwed up in that trade, but Kidd is still a starting PG for most teams.

    Not saying that we should sign him this summer.
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    I would say no to a trade for Kidd unless dallas wants E Curry and Malik Rose or Q-Rich witch they never going to do.

    Otherwise we should stay away from trades that remember us of Isaiah's way. Like trading for ''has beens'' (Steve Francis, Penny,) or ''players that never going to live up to their potential'' ( E Curry, J Jeffries).

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