It is incredible that this early into the season the Knicks have QUIT once again. Over the last 5 seasons the trend has been the same as the team's play diminishes over the last 50 games of each season. During the Rockets game the other night we just stop playing and believing that we could beat a team w/out T-Mac and Artest. It seems like this Knick team is not focused and don't care if they win or loose. I'm not expecting them to make it to the playoffs, but I expect them to hustle and prepare for each game like its their last. Look at the Indiana Pacers w/out Dunleavy and that team has been in every game they played this year. I know they have Granger who is having an All Star season but I watched at least 10 games from them and they hustle and they care. Win or loose they play together and aren't afraid to loose and that is a team that I would root for. The Knicks team is full of it and I want everybody off this team by 2010. The only two that I will keep are Gallinari and Chandler. I have already written how high I think of these two, so need to repeat here. This team is compromise of a losing culture and losing players. Again, I don't want to you to think that I thought this was winning team but I thought they would care more and not give up so soon.

Do you remember the 1999-2000 Orlando Magic a team that was in transition, whose General Manager made 37 transactions in a 4 month spam. That team didn't have an star and included 5 undrafted players and four of them where in the starting line up (Darrell Armstrong, Outlaw, Ben Wallace, Amaechi). Nobody expected them to win but they care about each and every game because most of those players had played oversees or the CBA so they knew that they had to perform. That team won 41 games led by former Knicks Doc Rivers.

However, this Knicks team of the past five seasons has been a disgrace and an embarrassment to the city of NY. I hate Nate's showboating acts and his dancing before games. I hate Q-Rich's big mouth and arrogance thinking he is stil a good player when everyone knows he is finished. I hate Lee's selfishness in wanting more money than he's worth. I hate this team period. Dammit, I just wish we had players that care and were talking about how much they want to stay and in that take less. I think the Magic during that time were fed up with all the nonsense that Shaq and Penny brought off the court. By far that Magic team with no stars is the team that I respect the most. Similar as when the Knicks had John Stars, Anthony Mason, Anthony Bonner who played like each game meant something and their lives depended on it.

I would love Walsh to continue to dismantle this team already. I know I trash Walsh a bit in previous post, but I think this guy is too smart to keep this losers when 2010 arrives. I want hard nose, blue collar type players and think team first before I for Individual...