Two words Gentleman.....TeamOption! We may get our cake and eat it too! D. Lee stays a Knick and we can still be a 2010 FA player.

Ok so we all agree D Lee is worth around 10 million per. And we also all know that if we sign him this jepordizes our cap situation. Unless we make his second year a team option. If D. Lee's second year is a team option The Knicks don't have to pick up that option until after we sign a couple FA's,if we go over after or FA sighnings it means nothing. I mean does it matter if we are over the cap if we accomplished signing say LBJ and Amare or Joe Johnson and Bosh?

Ok so now the small hurdle, David would be taken a slight risk. David would have to really trust that The Knicks will be picking up that option for sure. David is probably looking to ease his mind about his contract situation this off season and this scenerio gives David one more full season before relaxing on the issue. But that is where having a GM with integrity comes into play. If Donnie Walsh assures David Lee his intention is to resign him in 2010, then David Lee can feel good about that. Look Duhon took a two year deal because Donnie told him he wants to sign him after this two year stint.

Look this is the best bet to keeping David Lee on our roster. Trading Curry would also resolve this issue, but, that's not happening this season. Sign David to this sort of deal, and then we can focus on moving Curry next season.