David Lee deserves to be paid, the only consistent Knick player in the last few years, who actually played his ass off. The Knicks organization, from James Dolan to Isiah to Walsh to No-D'Antoni, has paid off so many people and players for doing NOTHING: Alan Houston - 100 Million Dollars (worth it?), Anushka Brown (11Million Dollars), Larry Brown (10 Million for 1 year's coaching), Jerome James (15 Million for playing 5 minutes), Stephon Marbury (21Million for not playing), the list goes on.

Finally, a player who represents everything the Knicks are about, hustle and determination and spirit, and now it looks like we can't afford to pay David Lee 2-3 million more than he might be worth. Most folks agree David Lee is worth 6-8 Million per year, that's what Mgmt has paid other players who have done NOT MUCH OF ANYTHING. David Lee brings to the table more than just his remarkable stats, he brings team play, he works well with all the current Knicks, and he deserves to be paid for what he's done the past 3 years, and to reward him with a contract. DAVID LEE DESERVES TO BE PAID! HE DESERVES TO BE A KNICKS PAST 2010, AND KNICK FANS DESERVE TO HAVE A WINNER SUCH AS DAVID LEE.

Finally, when David Lee's day has come to collect, the Knicks are going to say "we can't afford your great play?" GIVE ME A F*CKING BREAK!