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It all comes down to trading Curry or Jeffries. If we can trade either one of them before the deadline, then we SHOULD sign Lee. If we can't trade those players, then signing Lee will ruin our chances at signing Amare or Bosh. I would much rather have Amare or Bosh, than Lee.

It would be ashame if Curry causes us to lose Lee. Curry has f***ed up this franchise in many ways.

Lee would be the perfect role player to go along 2 superstars in D'Antoni's system. He's a great outlet passer and rebounder. He's a hustle player that doesn't need the ball to be effective and sets up picks then splits them really well. We would still need a player like him to go along with the 2 superstars. Every championship team needs a player like Lee.
Exactly, that's what it comes down to. We need to get rid of some unproductive players and their contracts and create the space to keep Lee and sign 2 big names in 2010. If this doesn't happen then as much as Lee is a keeper he will prevent the NYK from signing big names in 2010.

The other option is they sign Lee is that Curry opts out (which i don't see him doing) or signing one player in 2010 and waiting for 2011 to sign another player when Curry and others come off the books.