Gallo seemed to get his hands on a lot of passes, like he tipped 3 passes I saw.
One of them led to a steal.
He even stayed infront of one the fastest ballers in the world, D.Rose.
He blocked his shot(by forcing him to take the shot in a very difficult angle), he also got the ball too, something a lot of shot blockers forget to do...and ending it an amazing outlet pass for a lay up to Tiny Nate.

We all know Gallo can shoot, scorer, pass, posess high IQ.
But when he starts playing defense, that makes him the most complete player we've seen since Ewing, Sprewell, and LJ.

You can't deny Gallo's effort on defense.
Funny thing, he's always played like that.
I guess Euros have a bad rep being bad defenders(even tho more defense is played in Euroleague than the NBA).
Gallo tries, and thats what 50% of defense is, effort. The other 50% comes from skill and experience, which is what Gallo will develop.

I know its early, but I like what I see.