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So here are my mid season award recipeints

MVP: David Lee; David got bumped from the starting five early this season for Wilson Chandler and bounced back after the big trades to put up essentially a double double every night. David has been the only Knick we can count on every night.

Most Improved: Jared Jefferies; Wilson Chandler would seem the obvious choice, but, I think Wilson wouldve shown a lot of what he can do if he was allowed to play more last season. Jared Jefferies is playing better than I wouldve thought. The guy still is on Junior Varsity level in terms of being able to finish around the basket and just his overall offensive game, but he is making plays that make an impact on games. His D on Rondo,Dirk and Chris Paul has made him somewhat valuable to us, which is major considering he was a labled by us all as just another bad MLE pickup by Isiah.

side note:Still not worth the amount of money he is making, but is far exceeding any expectaion that any of us had for him

Biggest Disappointmenanillo Galanari's back problems; He is back and is looking solid, but, no way did we expect to have missed this much time. Danillo wouldve been a top 5 rookie by now if he were allowed to play from jump and we probably would have had atleast two more victories, namely games we lost due to a lack of healthy bodies.

Biggest Surprise: Nate's shooting slump; All players hit rough stretches in their careers so this isnt totally abnormal, but, more than shots not falling, Nate appears to be very tentative and lost. Again shooting slumps happen, but who wouldve thought Nate of all players would get the deer in the headlight look about him on offense.

Best to Watch: Wilson Chandler; Best two way player we have. Wilson has Dunked on Jermaine Oneal,Blocked KG, has made clutch plays on both ends of the floor for us. And must have had H20 as his shooting coach because the form is as close to his as any Knick since he retired. Wilson hits cold spells, but will make hustle plays to keep himself involved on those nights. Isiah called him Ariza with a J,Donnie said he was another Danny Granger, whatever you think, he has been the best player to watch.