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    Default 2009 Knicks vs. 1999 Knicks (Eerily Similar) - My Editorial

    10 years ago, though it was a brief and shortened season, we were a long shot to make the Playoffs. Then fortune kind of changed our luck when we picked up a man by the name of Latrell Sprewell around the trade deadline.

    Gradually, we started competing more as a unit and were luckily able to clinch the final seed. We were a Knicks team that could win or lose on any given day to any given team.

    To add fuel to the fire, we were up against the team's hated rivals; the Miami Heat in the first round.

    Fast forward 10 years.

    As we approach the trade deadline, the team is playing just below .500 like the '99 Knicks. On pace, to clinching one of the bottom seeds in the Playoffs.

    Interestingly enough, we could very well be going up against this year's Knick rivals and defending champions - the Boston Celtics! Whether that's with or without Marbs. Barring any setbacks due to injury.

    Or better yet, the Cleveland Cavaliers who bear the branded LBJ who we are scapegoating two years for. Interesting.

    That could very well be just what the Knicks need to help propel them deeper into the playoffs.

    Just like the '99 team, we are a Knicks team that could win or lose on any given day to any given team.

    As frustrating as that seems, it could very well be the gift of this team.

    This season scripts as a perfect story line that can sway in two ways.

    Let's hope we are still talking playoffs, come two months from now.

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    nice analysis....8th seed here we come

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    I've been thinking about this for awhile. Problem is, that '99 team is 20x better than this team. But anything's possible, if any team could pull an upset, it's definitely this one.

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    99 team was more a lucky team, the only opponent they really beat was Atlanta. if Houston's runner didn't bounce or that foul wasn't called on Antonio Davis then Phil Jackson would have probably been the head coach of the Knicks and the Isiah error era would never have happened.

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    all we need is to trade for a Sprewell-type player so history can repeat itself...

    and how sweet would it be to send LBJ and the Cavs home in the first round after Lebron trashed our defense (rightfullly so) in GQ!!!

    and I have the trade that may get that done (passed in RealGM):

    To Detroit:
    David Lee
    Quentin Richardson
    Al Harrington
    Stephon Marbury

    To NY:
    Allen Iverson
    Rasheed Wallace
    Will Bynum
    Kwame Brown

    AI and Wallace (those are two Sprewell-type players) expire this year and the other two deals expire next, so this wouldnt affect our 2010 plans. Detroit has not gotten much out of AI nor Rasheed, so they would benefit by having a crack at resigning Lee this summer, whereas Harrington and QRich could fit in nicely with their current team without compromising their caps.

    Now, let's see what you guys think of this madness we are living before Feb. 19th.
    desde la cuna del chango

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    Default Hell No!

    Are you CRAZY? 99 had our greatest player, EVER, Patrick Ewing, in the lineup. That season was skewed, by the media. NYK's were not a true 8th seed: Ewing was injured, all year, which led to our poor play, until his return, at the end of the season. He came back and led us past the Heat, the Hawks, the first Pacer game, before the Knicks squeezed past Indiana and lost to SA, a series they would have won had Ewing not been injured by a dirty Pacers play.

    That team had LJ, Spre, Houston, Ewing: some of our best players, ever, on the team. If this current team gets an 8th seed, which is unlikely, they're getting swept. This team has no center, no clutch, no consistent outside shooter, except for Nate, no inside D, no team D, no help D, limited offensive options and limited rebounding, if it comes to having to play an amped up playoff team, not an injured, yao-less Rockets squad or a low-ranking sixers team.

    Anyway, now, everyone's riding on Nate's ****; but, as soon as he plays badly, you're all gonna start hating again. Same thing with Hairy-ngton and the rest of these bums. Only true ace on that team is Duhon and Nate. The rest are overrated or actually bums, like Q-Snitch.

    Good Luck with that pipe dream!

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