Og knicksfan, if u not imapackerfan202 then i apologize but if u are, u're a complete dumbass, me and metro are not the same person fool

[13:24] imapackersfan202: fuk u
[13:24] imapackersfan202: this is ogknicks fan
[13:24] imapackersfan202: your a ****in joke
[13:24] DaTruth188: **** is a OGknicks fan, what are u like 50 years old
[13:24] imapackersfan202: stfu
[13:24] imapackersfan202: im smarter than an ass like you
[13:25] imapackersfan202: go get a life and post like a man
[13:25] DaTruth188: why u mad?
[13:25] imapackersfan202: cuz you a bull**** poster
[13:25] imapackersfan202: who sides with *******s like metro
[13:25] imapackersfan202: you deserve to get blasted
[13:25] DaTruth188: lmaoo
[13:25] DaTruth188: i dont side wit metro
[13:25] DaTruth188: are u sure u got the right SN dumbass
[13:26] imapackersfan202: im quite sure
[13:26] imapackersfan202: your da truth
[13:26] imapackersfan202: a pathetic poster
[13:26] imapackersfan202: with absolutely no knowledge
[13:26] DaTruth188: go find me a post where i sided wit metro dumbass
[13:26] imapackersfan202: your a fake
[13:27] imapackersfan202: your prob metro himself
[13:27] DaTruth188: u a dumbass forreal
[13:27] DaTruth188: lmao
[13:27] imapackersfan202: im a fukin history teacher with a degree
[13:27] DaTruth188: im still waitin on u to find me a post where i sided wit metro
[13:27] imapackersfan202: what you got on that?
[13:27] imapackersfan202: ****
[13:27] imapackersfan202: your metro
[13:27] imapackersfan202: im convinced
[13:28] DaTruth188: damn u got a degree in teaching
[13:28] DaTruth188: no wonder u mad
[13:28] DaTruth188: lmao
[13:28] imapackersfan202: no comment bitch
[13:28] imapackersfan202: go get a life
[13:28] imapackersfan202: and stopposting on k.o as one person
[13:28] DaTruth188: u want to get a life when u IM me as soon i sign on?
[13:28] DaTruth188: u stalkin bitch
[13:28] imapackersfan202: u a fag metro
[13:28] DaTruth188: im not metro moron
[13:29] DaTruth188: hence the usernames i use on knicksonline and on aim
[13:29] DaTruth188: notice how they are the same
[13:29] imapackersfan202: fuk u metro
[13:29] imapackersfan202: ur a mexiacan skank
[13:29] DaTruth188: metro ****ed ur mom or some shyt?
[13:29] imapackersfan202: get a life
[13:29] DaTruth188: u mad
[13:29] imapackersfan202: u trippin my balls bitch
[13:29] DaTruth188: dat dont even make sense
[13:30] DaTruth188: u need to go back to skool
[13:30] imapackersfan202: do you even know what school means?
[13:30] DaTruth188: im in school right now dumbass
[13:30] imapackersfan202: yea right
[13:30] imapackersfan202: a fukin 3 year old
[13:31] imapackersfan202: thats wahta you are
[13:31] imapackersfan202: show some respect bro
[13:31] imapackersfan202: you nothing
[13:31] DaTruth188: u a clown
[13:31] imapackersfan202: your a disgrace to that site
[13:31] imapackersfan202: you make jpz look good
[13:31] DaTruth188: u a clown
[13:31] imapackersfan202: u prob are jpz and metro
[13:31] imapackersfan202: how pathetic
[13:31] imapackersfan202: im outta here, i dont talk to fukin bitches
[13:31] DaTruth188: so since u got a degree in teaching, shouldnt u be teaching?
[13:32] imapackersfan202: snow day you butt
[13:32] DaTruth188: where u at?
[13:32] imapackersfan202: your a ****ing stalker
[13:32] imapackersfan202: ogknicksfan out
[13:33] DaTruth188: im a stalker and u Im'ed me?
[13:33] DaTruth188: u a clown
[13:33] DaTruth188: and **** brett favre
[13:34] imapackersfan202: idc
[13:36] DaTruth188: u metros numbe 1 fan
[13:36] DaTruth188: lmfao
[13:36] imapackersfan202: y dont you stop stalking me and go back to doing ur addition homework bitch
[13:37] DaTruth188: i dont even believe u OGknicks fan
[13:37] DaTruth188: send me a message right now saying u are OGknicksfan over knicksonline
[13:37] imapackersfan202: you can believe whatever the hell you want, and get the **** away from me stalker
[13:37] imapackersfan202: ill **** you up in a post
[13:37] imapackersfan202: not a gay message
[13:37] imapackersfan202: im outta here
[13:37] imapackersfan202: pce out
[13:37] DaTruth188: and i'll **** u up in real life, **** a post
[13:38] DaTruth188: internet gangsta


well metro seems like u pinched a nerve on this OGfool
(again, OGknicks fan, if this aint u then i apologize)