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    Default terrence williams.

    i was watching the wheelhouse yesterday on sny,
    and brandon tierney mentioned him as the best big east player.
    they showed some wicked ass highlights of him.
    than i saw a bit of the 'cuse game,
    and one of the announcers called him a point forward.
    anyone know anything more about him?does he have handle, is he a good passer, and can he be a point? the mock drafts I've seen, have him late in the first round or don't have him at all.
    maybe we can make the playoffs and steal him anyway.

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    At this moment, has him in their mock draft going last in the first round.

    They also have the Knicks picking at Ty Lawson at 10th.
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    a better fit would be DeROzan at the 10 although my dream is we draft Monroe.

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    I figured if we make the playoffs, we probably won't be getting any of the guys we'd want.hopefully if we do, they pick the best player on the board and not someone who fits the need.

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