If AJ Burnett hadn't pitched a gem in game two I probably would have called his signing another Brian Cashman blunder.But I didn't really expect Mr.Inconsistent to give the Yankees another stellar outing yesterday.When he is hitting batters, missing the strike zone by 5 feet, giving up cheap hits and pitching on the road it is very difficult for the Yankee offense to constantly rally back.I was never against the move to have AJ pitch on 3 days rest since Chad Gaudin has only pitched 1 inning in the post season and wasn't going to out pitch Cliff lee, who is the only reason why the Phillies are in the World Series.

I trust Andy Pettitte tomorrow night even if he pitched on Saturday.The reason why I am certain that he will win it for the Yankees is the previous clinching games that the Yankees won this season.In every game that clinched something for the Yankees Andy Pettitte was starting that game for them.When the Yankees clinched the American League East against the Boston Red Sox Andy Pettitte got the win, when they swept the Minnesota Twins in game 3 of the ALDS Pettitte was the pitcher that started the game, in game 6 of the ALCS Pettitte win the game for the Yankees and now he is due to win game 6 and clinch a championship for the Yankees.

It's no coincidence that Andy Pettitte will be on the mound tomorrow.

Let's Go Yankees!!! Win number 27!!!!!