Well, we keep discussing Yankee matters in topics that are player specific so i thought to open a thread that is more team oriented.
First of all great free agent signings. We addressed our greatest need which is the rotation with 2 ace like starters in CC and AJ. Also bringing Andy back was the smart thing to do especially at the price tag we got him.
Joba should be a starter no question about it. he has electric stuff and will be anchoring our rotation in the future. I hope Wang comes back from injury without any major issues as we know usually pitchers coming back from long rehabilitations struggle.

1) CC Sabathia
2) AJ Burnett
3) Chien M. Wang
4) Joba Chamberlain
5) Andy Pettitte

Edwar Ramirez
Jose Veras
Damaso marte
Brian Bruney
Phil Coke
Mariano Rivera

As far as the line up goes the major addition is Texeira. We needed a big time 1B to cover up the void left by Giambi and we got not only a premiere hitter but a first class defender as well. Put him on the 4 slot behind A-Rod and the lineup gets a major bust of confidence. Hopefully Damon will be able to be his old self and perform well as a lead off hitter. jeter should be our number 2 hitter. From 5 and up it is really up in the air. Possada should be back, hopefully Cano can bounce back from his down year as well. Nick Swisher should be a great insurance policy in the outfield where i would keep Damon platooning with melky at center and Nady and Matsui in the corners with Swisher filling in here and there.
The line Up:

C Jorge Posada (Batting 5th)

SS Derek Jeter (Batting 2nd)
1B Mark Texeira (Batting 4rth)
2B Robinson Cano (Batting 6th)
3B Alexander Rodriguez (Batting 3rd)

LF Xavier Nady (Batting 7th)
RF Nick Swisher (Batting 9th)
CF Johny Damon (batting 1st)

DH Hideki Matsui (Batting 8th)