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    Default Knicks Front Court

    The Knicks have an extremely productive frontcourt Baker, Mutombo, Nazr, Kurt, Sweetney to name a few. I feel we have won of the strongest frontcourts in terms of talent. Unfortunitly it seems that Wilkens doesn't know how to use them. I know that there are a lot of players in the front court but Lenny has to make better descsions about who he wants. First of all I think Lenny plays Nazr way too much. Baker should eat up most of his time, and as much as I love how Kurt Thomas plays I think Mutombo (when healthy) Sweetney or Naz should see some more time. Espeacially when the season is almost over I think we need Baker to see more action since he's been there and Mutombo know how to handle the situation. I think than rather than trying to get big men in the offseason for our crowded frontcourt we should get some role players or defensive players. We have enough scorers, now we need someone who has real basketball knowledge. Either that or we get a different coach.

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    Wilkens has gotta make some changes around here or we are gonna be screwed!!!!!

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