Nice thread. To think posters on here are Knick fans and only Knick fans is crazy, I would say root for whoever you like. As for the ones at the Garden - most of those fans don't know bball from ****. Mostly yuppies and their dumb kids. They don't know anybetter. They think rooting for the enemy who performs well is a gesture meant to emphasize their affinity for a good performance, even at the cost of their team losing (if in fact they are Knicks fans).Anyway I think the photo shop and threads regarding LBJ or anyone else to Knicks is a testiment to how sick some of us are of seeing "Superstars" in every other market but the biggest! I'm rethinking my stance on the playoffs and M. D'Antoni. It might just be setting us up for another let down. I know it's good for experience but I'm like without the right players what difference is that gonna make?