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    F*ck all who don't want Lebron in NY. If u don't like him, fine. But this isn't a relationship it's BBall. And I'm sick of these pathetic, semi-competitive, wanna-b optimistic, non-defensive, b*llsh!t games. Like D Walsh said "there's a difference betw. being a good team and being a contender. We are NEITHER. Stop fooling yourself. When he does sign in NY and we become "contenders"- mutherf*ckers will still be complaining. F*cking b!tches complaining about who you don't want when the dudes we got are so garbage I bet Lebron or Kobe for that matter could beat us by themselves 1 on 5!!! That's my rant....other than that it was a good game.

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    Serious question!! Am I the only Knicks fan on this site that gets pissed when JayZ or whoever the guys name is come to every Cavs game in NY b/c of James? It looks like he and James talks threw the whole game laughing and caring on THEN when its over he walks out on the Knicks floor and gives James high fives and **** congratulating him b/c he beat our Knicks.


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