Got this from and it kinda makes sense in my opinion. We add a really cheap shooter and get a 25 year old big man who at one point we coveted and almost drafted. If we could talk to Vasquez and get a feeling if he would come over to play if it was NY i would deffinately consider.

"So Andrew Smith (who’s sequestered himself in an undisclosed location studying for the Bar Exam) and I got to thinking the Magic, who already could use some scoring punch in the back court, might want to consider dealing for Nate Robinson.

Now I have to be fair, I think that keeping Nate is critical for any shot at making the playoffs, but the Knicks might consider moving their sparkplug guard for the right deal.

The team has a roster spot with the retirement of Cuttino Mobley. I wonder if the Knicks would consider a Nate for the rights to Fran Vasquez and J.J. Redick?

Vasquez is 25 and has resisted coming to the NBA. His numbers are modest this year, but he’s a capable big that might flourish in NY under Mike D’Antoni. Vasquez has resisted coming over here after being selected 11th overall by the Magic in 2005. The Magic are still very high on the young man, but Nate could keep them afloat and add great depth moving forward.

Redick is a obviously shooter who could fill in off the bench. I think the Knicks lose out for the short term, but could benefit for the long term. Nate’s turnovers and spotty decisions have often been a killer for this team.

Just a thought, maybe the team tries to capitalize on the Magic’s need for some help. Redick has a qualifying offer in 2010-11, which he’d likely decline considering Jason Kapono’s contract."