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We have a roster spot open and if Marbury is bought out, there will be two. There is a chance that Marbury will go after the Celtics game on the 6th. Perhaps Orlando could be a destination besides Boston.

Why hasn't Walsh filled the already open spot? Perhaps he wants some flexibility, for example, to trade Curry for two bad, but expiring, contracts. Unfortunately, I think we are going to have to wait until next year to trade Curry. He has not played at all and is not likely to tear things up before the trade deadline.

If the Knicks wait until March 1st to let Marbury go, he will not be able to participate in the play offs. I would be disappointed in Dolan/Walsh, if they did that. Not a classy move.
If Steph is bought out after March 1st then look no further than Dolan. I think Donnie has more class than that, Donnie has stated the only place he doesnt want Steph is Miami but it is obvious Boston is where Steph is likely headed.

I think Donnie truly wants this to be over with and would sign off on any buyout.