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Antonio gates is the only one that worries me. If I were coach I would stick Revis on him.
Don't underestimate Vincent Jackson to though. You take Revis off of Jackson and he'll explode, hes an excellent downfield receiver. Obviously if Revis is covering him, he'll negate him, but that opens up Gates. It's pick your poison for you guys. Ill give you this though, you guys sort of faced a similiar situation against my Falcons when you had to cover Gonzalez and White. The Jets did a great job until the end. My pick may be to extreme now thinking about it, but I'll stick with it.

And @ Sly: LT wasn't bitching. In my opinion this guy is a pro's pro. He stuck with this team when they were TERRIBLE. I know you guys can't forget the pre-Brees/Rivers Chargers. No talent except LT, and i never remember any stories about him asking for a trade or complaining. There is no doubt in my mind that he deserves to win at least one with the Chargers.