Jet dominated that game.
You know why?
They played their game.
Running the ball.
Low scoring, conservative.
DEFENSIVE football.
Whenever Jets play at that pace, they're the best in the NFL and no team can beat them (Except for the Saints or Vikings).
I'm not worried about the Colts at all.
Rivers is quality, and Jackson, Gates, mad WR's.

Joseph Addai is ASS. Colts have no running game.

Revis shut down better WR's than Reggie Wayne, NO PROBLEM...Dallas Clark is good, but so was Antonio Gates. Colts other WR's are pretty much average at best, they just have a great QB.

Peyton's weapons will be put on lock down, and they will not have a running game.

Colts and Chargers offensive are exactly the same, except Chargers had the better offense this year.

Indianapolis 26 ppg/363.1 YPG
San Diego 28 ppg/360.1 YPG

Colts defense?
They finished 24th in the NFL in stopping the run
126.5 yards allowed per game.

Who has the best rushing attack in the league? The Jets.
Colts are actually a weaker rushing team than the Chargers, so running the ball should be easier for the Jets.