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Why was'nt coach Dantoni YELLING "Foul Roy" as soon as Roy started to dribble the ball???????
wasn't Jefferies told that we had a foul to give with 4 seconds on the game clock???????

I hate to say this but....Dantoni's coaching did not have anything to do with the 22-5 run on Portland, that was Nate being Nate who lead the Knicks on long runs throughout his Knick career.
It was Herb Williams job to let Dantoni and the players know they had a foul to give in the final 4 seconds....it was Dantoni job to design a defensive play where 1 or 2 seconds come off the clock before the foul.

This Knick Loss belongs to the Head Coach and his coaching-staff. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
And Kiyaman continues on his Dantoni hating and Nate loving spree....

Too bad Dantoni is the reason for the Knicks improvement this year and Nate is one of the worst decision making guards in the game...Guy is on Crawful level...