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As a kid, I was pretty good: all-city, played AA ball, with a few different coaches, even made it into the PSAL newspaper. However, I lost most of those skills, by about 25, with lack of use. I lost my hops, my shooting touch, etc. I'm still a good freethrow shooter, though and have trained a lot of my players in that area.

I played in a summer league, and I can still play tight D and set people up, and I can knock down an open jumper, though that's still a streaky area; but I really have to get down in weight, if I'm to reach my full potential. I'm about 200 lbs., 6'1, which is too heavy for me, if I'm to play good basketball. My game weight needs to be about 170-175. I'm sure that, if I get down in weight, I'll be good to go.

I hope that, by summer time, we can get a list of people, a meeting place: I know a few and then get it going: 5 on 5, with subs, etc. I wear goggles, too, so that should add to the novelty of a KO game.
why dont you coach? you'll be helping plenty of kids get that extra support/push...