Hey guyz I know I aint been on here in a while but I have some good news and I wanted to share it with you. I will be shooting a Knicks commercial t/m at MSG
check out the e-mail
Hi Candice.
Congratulations on being selected as a Finalist/Alternate Finalist for the Knicks Ultimate Fan Contest. As part of being selected, you will be participating in a video shoot at MSG. This will be your opportunity to prove to New York why you are the #1 Knicks fan. Your personality and enthusiasm should shine through to help you make as compelling a case as possible to be crowned the Ultimate Fan. These videos will be shown in the MSG Arena during an upcoming Knicks game and will appear on msg.com as well.
We encourage you to come prepared with any great stories you have about being a Knicks fan and your passion for the team. You should come wearing your favorite Knicks gear and bring any clothing, costumes, memorabilia, props, autographed items, ticket stubs, pictures, etc. that will help you tell your Knicks fan story. (Please do not wear any green clothing; you will be recorded with a green screen)
Please arrive in the MSG Box Office on 32<SUP>nd</SUP> St and 7<SUP>th</SUP> Ave at 5:45pm on Monday, 2/9. An MSG staff member will meet you at the big clock and escort you into the MSG Studios where you will then shoot your Ultimate Fan video. We look forward to hearing your Ultimate Fan story. May the best fan win!
I'm soooo excited...I can't wait, WISH ME LUCK