Giants89FLY's Official Knicks Allstar Break Report Card

Enjoy! (Sorry for the long read, Comments and thoughts also welcomed and appreciated!)

Head Coach Mike D'Antoni -

He's got the boys believing they can win. The 6 game losing streak we are currently in bothers me a little bit. However, with the roster we have, lack of talent, and coming off many seasons where we have just been dreadful. D'Antoni brings in a refreshing quick style of play to a roster of overachieving but potentialy great NBA players. 21-31 at the all star break and a chance at the playoffs is something at this point in the season I would have definitely taken.

My Grade : B+

Wilson Chandler

Chandler has really surprised me this year. He's reliable Averaging 13.7 points per game. He's a quality player that I hope has longevity with the knicks.

My Grade : Solid B

Eddy Curry

Now normally when a player plays in only one game his grade would be incomplete. However, with all of his off court issues - Weight, Family Issues, Gay Taxi Driver relationship and god knows what else. Curry is dead weight that I hope we can find a way to trade. I feel for him with his family issue but Basketball is a business.

My Grade - F

Chris Duhon

I think Duhon is a very solid player...However, For everything good he does I think there are a couple things he does bad. He's an average player but doing well in D'Antoni's system. I cant lean one way or the other on him because of his inconsistentcy. And I believe it was metrocard who said he was a "C" level talent. And I totally agree.

My Grade - C

Danilo Gallinari

Back Issues worried me in the beginning of the year. Glad he's back playing. He needs to get stronger has a tough time driving to the basket, Pretty decent handles for a big man and is an excellent shooter. I think we all can agree that at 18 we may have a future NBA star in the making until then the Jury is still out. But the kid's got potential

My grade - C-

Al Harrington

20 points per game is decent. He reminds of Crawford at times. Not a reliable shooter. Would not want him to take any type of a big shot in a big game situation. Also the Technical against the clippers was absolutely inexcusable. He Needs to get his head out of his ass.

My Grade - C

Jerome James

Hurt out for the year. Never played anyways. Has a huge contract and provides nothing valuable for the team.

My grade - F

Jarred Jeffries

Ah, the weak link of the knicks. Where do I start? Cannot play D to save his life, Horrible shooter. I cringe everytime he shoots the ball. Has a very low basketball IQ. The day he leaves the knicks I will throw a party equivalent to New Year's Eve in times square. To be fair because he is playing this year I wont give him an F.

My grade - D

David Lee

I think everyone will agree David Lee is the best player on the Knicks right now. Averaging a double double this season. Was an all-star snubb, And has been without a doubt our most consistent player. I hope he resigns if we dont trade him. If we do trade him, we better include curry in the deal.

My Grade - A

Stephon Marbury

I like him as a person, but when we get older and look back at Marbury we will be reminded of the dark times that accompanied him throughout his knicks career. It might not be all of his fault. After this year he's gone... See ya later man.

My Grade - Incomplete

Quentin Richardson

Cant lean one way or the other on him. Now he's hurt. Not sure its serious. He's a decent shooter. I dont mind him, Averages 11 points per game in almost 29 minutes per game. Not great. But Not Bad. We could probably see better from him, But it is what it is. MAJORLY INCONSISTENT He's another player I would'nt mind going.

My Grade - D+

Anthony Roberson

Nothing really to write about here. Hasnt played much came off the bench the last two games and hit some threes. Nice to see him get some time. Nothing that great...

My grade - D-

Nate Robinson

Coming off the bench He provides us a great spark! I like the kid, Has a great passion for the game of basketball. Takes Some stupid ass shots and makes dumb decisions in crunch time situations. Has begun to grow on me throughout the course of a season... Great role player and a nice piece for the knicks. If they trade him and can cut salary or get something decent in return I wouldn't mind. Until then good job Nate

My grade - B+

Malik Rose

Not even worth getting into. I'll give him the same grade I gave JJ. Just because he has stayed healthy I'll give him some love. No "F"

My Grade - D-

Tim Thomas

Decent Shooter, Him an Gallinari are similar in style.. PLays 21 Mins a game and averages 9 a game. Decent numbers and I dont think he hurts the team.

My grade - C

Overall Team Analysis

I think this team can improve tremendously. We have made great strides under D'Antoni and will continue to improve. We have a shot to make the post-season So we deff have something to play for the remainder of the season. At the break this year we are close to equaling the number of wins we had last year. that in itself is obviously great improvement. But with a Mediocre player rotation and overachieving players how long can we keep this up? I like what I'm seeing though! And I would love to see them in the post-season... As far as a grade goes :

Overall Team Grade - C+

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Giants89FLY's Rest of the year Prediction....

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