Mike D- B+

D. Lee- A- :not a good enough defender to get a solid A, plus FT shooting dipped a bit, still the All Star consideration has been a bright spot for us, plus his offensive game seems to get better every month.

Duhon- B to B-: A lot Better than expected, far from perfect. Assist and minutes are up, but so are TO's.

Q Rich- C-: When he's hot he's decent, looks almost unstopable in the post which is why he doesnt get a D, still bricking way too many wide open shots and taking shots he shouldnt even be considering.

Al Harrington C-: This is an extremely generous grade I think considering last night, shot selection, and how out of controll he plays. Has knocked down timely hoops for us and The NBA player of the week keeps him from a D+

Jared Jefferies: C: This is major considering dude was a solid D- the past two seasons. Offensive game still sucks, but, I like how he has been able to play D on elite PGs at times. Exceeded what I thought we would get from him.

Nate B: You know what you're going to get with Nate. So you take the good with the bad.

Wilson C+: Looks too shy at times, but when he has played aggressive really shows his promise. Our only shot blocker also helps. But, I think he weighs too heavily on the J at times this season. Can get us anywhere from 24 to 4 and not like Crawford; Wilson will score just 4 because he isnt getting himself in the game. Still my favorite Knick thus far this season.

Tim Thomas C: Like Nate you know what you're going to get from him. No more, no less!

Danillo Gallanari INC: I said it before, his spot minute production is misleading to where he really is. But, if he plays more and doesnt play well, then you can't hold that against him either due to his injury and his lack of games played. Clearly has a nice shot, but, still has much to learn. But no doubt has the ability to be a good player in years to come.

Malik Rose A+: Class act! Came in last night in the second half and played hard like he has been apart of the rotation all along. Certain players who were intially left out of the rotation can take a page out of his book.

Jerome James INC: Would be an F even if he did play

Curry INC: Cant help but feel for his personal setbacks. No one really expected him to be Dwight Howard coming into camp, but, coming to camp out of shape after a sit down meeting with his new coach when his coach pleaded with him to be in the best shape of his life would warrent an Big Red Letter F had he not gone through these issues.

Anthony Robertson D: A shooter and nothing more.